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Kamala – a local experience

Approximately two kilometers in length, quiet and not too crowded, Kamala Beach is a Muslim fishing village set amidst coconut trees, on the north of Patong.

Kamala Beach

Stretching 2 kilometers across with coconut trees swaying gently in the breeze, Kamala beach is one of the more quieter beaches oh Phuket, located just north of Patong. Unlike several other beaches of Phuket, such as Karon and Patong, this area has hardly been touched by foreign tourism or real estate projects, and is primarily dominated by fishermen and locals.

With less tourists and more peace and quiet, Kamala beach is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the sandy white beaches without the expense of crowded touristy beaches. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Aside from the beach, Kamala also holds one of Phukets biggest attractions- Phuket Fantasea. Here, you’ll be able to experience and appreciate Thai tradition, culture and heritage, all in the comfort of your own seat.

The show has been one of Phukets biggest attractions for years, and is usually seen by most tourists coming to Phuket. The elephants come on stage in masses, and give quite an enlightening show to its spectators.

The ticket prices are considerably pricey for Thai’s, but relative to other tourist attractions around Thailand, they’re not too unreasonable. In general, the Phuket Fantasea has quite mixed reviews when it comes to service or food, but what they all agree on is the exceptional show that the site offers- which is truly one of a kind in Phuket.

Although not that famous in contrast with other temples in Phuket, the Kamala Wat stands on the southern end of the beach, and is almost unnoticeable from the beach. However, the monks there are very open to tourists and foreigners, as many Australians had helped rebuild the area after the 2004 tsunami. For those hoping to gain a little more insight into Buddhism in the context of Phuket, this may be the place to do it.

On the beachside, there are also several locals offering body or foot massages to those who are up for it. At a mere 300 baht per hour, it’s a great experience- one that you would most likely have to pay much higher prices in hotels or other areas around Phuket. So if you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, why not give it a go? Support the local economy, and add one more pleasurable memory to your once in a lifetime holiday!

Though this beach may be the perfect destination to relax and forget your worries and woes, a word of caution- dress appropriately when bathing in the sea or resting on the sands. Due to the mass majority of people in Kamala being of Muslim faith, it’s advisable not to attend the beach topless, as this could very well offend the locals in the area. Enjoy your holiday here, but respect your surroundings- it makes it more gratifying for all of us!


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