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Mai Khao Beach – A quiet corner of Phuket

Stretching almost 15 kilometers north of the airport, is Mai Khao Beach – until recently the only undeveloped beach on Phuket. It is still very much like Phuket used to be 25 years ago.

There are still kilometers of unspoiled stretched of pristine beach at Mai Khao, but it is changing rapidly. The Marriott Hotel was the first 5 star hotel to settle onto Mai Khai, but it has been done in a way which is very friendly to the environment. The turtles, which used to come on shore and lay eggs in February every year, are long gone and reminds a memory of the past.

From early December to late April you will find calm water and excellent swimming conditions. For the rest of the year the beach is generally not suitable for swimming. The hotels along the beach has built great recreational areas inside the resort compounds with some of the best swimming pools anywhere in Phuket.

It is still difficult to reach some parts of Mai Khao beach and the southern end of the beach is designated as a National Park, where you will need to pay a fee. Foreigners pay a significantly higher entrance fee than Thais.


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