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Nai Harn–a breathtaking bay

Located at the southern end of Phuket, Nai Harn Beach is one Phuket’s most breathtaking locations. A beautiful beach with just a few hotels, bars and restaurants. The beach has not changed much since the 1980s when the Phuket Yacht Club was built.

Nai Harn beach is located just North of Phrom Thep Cape. The middle part of the beach is home to Samnak Song Nai Han temple, and is the main reason why there is less development of hotels and real estate projects at Nai Harn than other parts of Phuket. With the minimal real estate projects and hotels, Nai Harn Beach do not get lots of visitors and is generally less crowded than Phuket’s other beaches.

This is one of the Phuket’s nicest and most beautiful beaches- but the beauty comes with a price. In the monsoon season it can often be dangerous to swim here due to strong undercurrents. No beach is perfect! And Nai Harn has its own problems. There is very little natural protection for the sun at Nai Harn Beach. Hard-core sun lovers will find Nai Harn the perfect beach. But a fair warning: if you don’t have an umbrella, expect to burn well! This is after all the tropics!

Near Nai Harn lies the most iconic viewpoint in Phuket, and possibly the most photographed view of Phuket taken by tourists and locals alike. Cars and buses come and go as people come to see the view, but the masses don’t arrive til sunset. Located at the tip of Phuket and overlooking the southern coast of Phuket, Phrom Thep cape bears a magnificent view of the sunset at sundown. Hundreds gather at the top, looking anxiously for the sun to set, but if you hope for a more adventurous path, why not take a try at walking down the dirt road towards the tip of Phuket? By walking over grassy and rocky areas, you’ll eventually reach the “end of Phuket”, a great place to sit and ponder on the vastness of the oceans and the seas!

Nai Harn, like Rawai is generally very popular among ex-pats and long term visitors due to its intimate and tight community. After a night out partying, a great place to have breakfast in the morning would be the Breakfast Hut. It’s cheap, convenient and serves one of the best breakfast meals in all of Phuket! As the day ends, grab some food at the DaVinci- one of the most famous restuarants in Phuket, well known for its standard and variety in food. Live jazz and electro music is commonly played here, and while it’s a great place for special occasions for those of you on holidays, it may not be the best option for regulars or those on a tight budget.

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