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Pa Khlok

If you were to try dig up information on Pa Khlok on the internet, you would most likely end up fruitless. The secrecy of this region gives you a glimpse behind the curtains on the few attractions most tourists have never even set eyes on, and experience how true locals cherish the area.

First, take a small stop at the Bang Pae waterfall. Mind you, this is no Niagara Falls. The stream is far from impressive when compared to the grandiosity of the top waterfalls in the world, but still offers a very cool and relaxing place to sit with family and friends to have a picnic and cool-off in the shallow waters of Bang Pae.

Not far from the falls, and only 9km from the Heroines monument, you can also take a visit to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Site. The organization aims to successfully rehabilitate the white gibbons back into their natural habitat as well as aiming to end the illegal use of gibbons as tourist attractions and as pets. Given the proper care and attention by professionals; the site has become supported by the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand, and is a lesser-known but very valuable destination for friends and families visiting Phuket.

Just outside Pa Khlok lies Koh Naka, an island split between a small fishing village and a fairly high-end resort. The island gives a breathtaking view over the Phang Nga Bay, and the white sandy beach stretches far and wide. However, activities here are limited to simple snorkeling, swimming, and strolls along the beach. For a more jam-packed day on an island, it would be advisable to take a trip to one of the more populated islands around Phuket, known for its range of activities.

To get a taste of how things run in the local, rural areas of Phuket, why not take a tour of the rubber plantation? See how they carve the trees to collect rubber, and how they produce natural rubber-based products! And while you’re at it, why not take a look at the mangroves surrounding the area? The mangroves is an eccentric yet natural beauty that surrounds the area, protecting the local fishermen from dangerous tides that may kill their fish and lower their yield.

Mission Hills Golf Course

If you are perhaps on a business trip, or in need for some golfing with some friends, then look no further than the Mission Hills Golf Course.

With a professional driving range and a beautiful 18-hole sea side course, the view over Phang Nga Bay is impeccable.

Despite being priced at 4700 baht for 18-holes, this course arguably holds one of the most scenic golf-course view in Phuket. However, the beauty comes at a price. Due to the strong winds coming from the sea, the course may not be ideal for inexperienced golfers, as the oncoming wind may affect your playing substantial during the wrong time of the day. Overall however, the course is a great way to unwind and relax yourself during the day. Not to mention, the place also offers accommodation and a full resort and spa treatment for guests and visitors.

If crossing by Pa Khlok with a fairly hefty budget, make sure to check out this lifetime of a golfing experience.


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