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Ko Lanta

For those passing through Krabi Town hoping for a quieter tourist destination; Ko Lanta may be the ideal destination for you. While its less of a party-zone than Ko Phi Phi or Samui and is more popular among older people and families, the island still offers plenty of fun and great opportunities.

Unlike several commercialized islands around the Andaman region that markets itself as a party-island; Ko Lanta is more suited to quiet walks along the beach and watching sunsets over the horizon.

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 UnportedEven at the height of the tourist season, Ko Lanta will still offer a secluded area for you and your family on its beaches and shores. Despite its smaller number of visitors, Ko Lanta does not fail to offer high-end resorts and bungalows as well as a wide range and variety of food and cuisine from all around Asia. Western food is also available, as well as cooking courses for those interested to learn how to cook those world-renowned Thai dishes.

In 2004, Ko Lanta was hit by a tsunami, resulting in the death of about 20 or so people. However, as of today, Ko Lanta has impressively rebuilt itself back to its former glory; with visitors world-wide coming to bask in the sun and sands of Ko Lanta.

Aside from the 9 sandy beaches, coral reefs, mangroves and virgin rainforests, Ko Lanta also holds a particularly remarkable blend of culture.

The island serves as a melting pot of all races and religions, ranging from Buddhists to Muslims, and Chinese to sea-gypsies. However, despite their differing beliefs, the community resides together in harmony in a carefree and relaxed way of life. The sea gypsies however, live mostly to themselves, speaking in their own language, and having their own superstitious beliefs and traditions.

From a foreigners perspective, the Sea Gypsy village in Ko Lanta is definitely worth a visit for those in search for something different. As for those in search for the same old island experience, fear not; Ko Lanta is covered in beaches, caves and countless other scenic views. For those who crave the clubbing and partying scene however; its unfortunate to say that Ko Lanta does not offer much more than open bars and the occasional partying.

In general, Ko Lanta is much well suited to the nature-loving backpacker and the typical easy-going family.

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