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Located just 25 minutes away from Phuket International Airport, Natai beach is definitely one of the less-well known beaches. But lack of fame doesn’t necessarily imply lack of beauty! Stretching 2 km outwards, the beach gallantly overlooks the Andaman sea in all its glory, glittering in the sunlight in its clear blue skies.

(c) Andaman.NETAlthough popularity hasn’t grown significantly in the past, recently several real estate projects have opened up in Natai- mostly villas and vacation homes.

Though tourists do not often venture here, many returning visitors often buy villas to get some peace and quiet in what you may call- a paradise beach.

The area is also popular for important or significant occasions, such as weddings, or weekend getaways. With the fresh breeze, blue skies, and white powder sand, the destination is perfect to spend either on a family trip, or a romantic getaway with your significant other. Activities at Natai beach are generally limited to simple strolling along the beach and swimming and relaxing in the sea, as not much tourism based services have opened up there.

(c) Andaman.NETOne of the most striking scenes from Natai beach would be the bridge extending over the waters into the sea. On the sides, you’ll see local fishermen trying to make their big catch, and further down the bridge, you’ll see even more! Although the service in tourism is low here, fishing is a whole different story! If it suits your fancy, you could always sit and fish on the bridge with the locals. Though the fish aren’t big, they make for a tasty dish- just take it to any local restaurant!

There may not be as many activities in Natai as you may have hoped, but if your main intention is to simply relax, be alone, or to get away from it all together- Natai beach is the way to go!


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