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Thai Muang

Unlike some spots in Phuket, most of the attractions in Thai Muang are not yet spoilt, leaving nature-lovers to experience the vast beauty of the area at their own leisure.

Just north of Phuket and pass the Sarasin bridge lies the district of Thai Muang, an area filled with beautiful scenes of beaches, islands, hills, mangroves, estuaries, and forested valleys- the list just goes on and on! Unlike some spots in Phuket, most of the attractions in Thai Muang are not yet spoilt, leaving nature-lovers to experience the vast beauty of the area at their own leisure.

Apart from natural attractions, Thai Muang also has a rich and fascinating culture with people of all religions gathered together in the same community and working together in similar agricultural fields of work- all of which can be observed by those dropping by! Overall, Thai Muang is a great place to go on an afternoon to venture out of Phuket to somewhere different- one lacking in commercialism, but packed with simplistic nature and cultural values!

2012-08-05 17.50.44While most of the activities in Thai Muang can be found in different areas in Phuket, it offers the same activities with a far more intimate experience due to the lack of tourists.

Here, while elephant trekking, hiking, bamboo rafting or sightseeing the waterfalls, you’ll also feel more involved in the whole experience, absorbing every essence of it rather than just being another customer to a common tourist trap in Phuket. Elephants aren’t the only exotic animals you’ll find here. Just 20km north of Thai Muang, you’ll find a fishing port with a turtle nursery, where infants are raised to strength before being let free into the sea to fend for themselves.

To get the full experience, try to drop by in April during the Songkran holiday, where it turtles are commonly released back into the wild as tradition. It’s well worth the experience, and can only be experience here and in a few places in southern Thailand, such as Mai Khao beach and Nai Harn beach in Phuket.



Thai Muang also holds several waterfalls and hot springs, fresh with plenty of healthy minerals all ready for you to soak up at your leisure!

The Ban Bo Dan hot springs is located just south of Thai Muang town and is open from 6 in the morning to 9pm at night, and comes together with a swimming pool, a spa, and a long sandy beach. The waterfalls are quite small, yet extremely picturesque.

The waterfalls are part of two different national parks in Thai Muang- Khao Lampi National Park, and Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park. If you ever drop by Thai Muang, try to drop by the National Parks. Waterfalls aside, the people there may be of help in giving you any additional information of the surrounding areas!

Lastly, a trip to Thai Muang would not be complete without divulging the agricultural and seafood lifestyle there. The whole province is incredibly famous in Southern Thailand for its unique blend of shrimp paste, a condiment frequently used by Thai’s in their food.

These are all made on various shrimp farms in Thai Muang, all of which can be seen by visitors. Pumpkin patches can also be seen here; where locals grow green pumpkins to sell to other regions of Thailand.

While here, you may also want to visit and take a look at the artificial flowers- a famous product from Thai Muang. Made from fish scales and rubber tree leaves, these meticulous form of handcraft have been handed down for generations.

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