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Water quality on Andaman Sea shores found to be good

Water quality at marine tourism attractions has been found at a good level, according to the Pollution Control Department (PCD).

PCD Director-General Jatuporn Buruspat said this week that the agency had collected water samples from marine tourism attractions during the period February to March 2016 on the Andaman Sea coasts of Pang-nga, Phuket, Krabi, Trang, and Satun, with most test results rating the quality of the water good or very good, writes National News Bureau & Public Relations.

Similar inspections conducted in the Gulf of Thailand in Surat Thani, Prachuap Khiri Khan, and Petchaburi showed the water to be of moderate to very good quality.

The PCD chief advised the general public to help by keeping tourism attractions clean during the Songkran holiday by refraining from littering on land, in rivers, or in the sea, adding that the department will continue to inspect water quality at freshwater sources and in the sea, with a special focus on risk areas to prevent any health effects on villages and the environment of tourism.

Source: NNB


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