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Severe Weather Alert: Phuket and Andaman Coast Face Strong Low-Pressure System

As the strong low-pressure system moves through the upper part of Thailand, increased rainfall and potential natural hazards are anticipated across several regions, including the Andaman Coast.

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) and the South Western Meteorological Center have issued an urgent weather warning for the provinces of Phuket and the Andaman Coast, cautioning residents and tourists of increased rainfall, potential flash floods, and high waves from September 26 to 29.

Widespread Heavy Rainfall to Affect Several Thai Provinces

According to the TMD, a robust low-pressure system originating from the South China Sea is on course to pass through the upper part of Thailand along the monsoon trough. This will significantly intensify the southwestern monsoon that covers the Andaman Sea, the southern part of Thailand, and the Gulf of Thailand. Consequently, a substantial increase in rainfall, including heavy to very heavy showers, is expected across various regions.

“The situation is potentially hazardous, especially for low-lying and mountainous areas prone to flash floods and landslides,” said a spokesperson from the TMD. “We urge the public to stay updated and take necessary precautions.”

Public Urged to Take Precautions Against Flash Flooding and Landslides

The TMD’s advisory specifically warns people to stay away from vulnerable areas such as hill slopes, waterways, and open fields. Additionally, people are advised to be wary of unstable structures like large trees and unsteady billboards that could pose a risk during the severe weather conditions.

Local governments are preparing for possible emergency scenarios, including sudden rises in water levels. Evacuation plans are in place, and emergency response teams are on standby to handle any flooding or landslides.

Marine Alert: Fishermen Advised to Exercise Caution; Small Vessels to Stay Ashore

In marine areas, the TMD forecasts high waves of 2-3 meters in the upper Andaman Sea. These conditions are expected to worsen during thunderstorms, where wave heights could exceed 3 meters. In the lower Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf of Thailand, waves are anticipated to be around 2 meters, rising above that in storm-prone areas.

“The sea will be rough,” the Marine Department cautioned in a separate statement. “All fishermen should exercise extreme caution, and small boats should refrain from going out to sea during this period.”

Fishing communities are alerted, and local authorities are advising fishermen to stay informed through official communication channels.

Remain vigilant

As the low-pressure system approaches, both local and national authorities urge the public to remain vigilant and adhere to safety guidelines. Staying abreast of the latest weather forecasts and following official advice are critical as the situation could escalate rapidly.

For those in affected regions, this is a time for caution. The Thai Meteorological Department and other relevant agencies are working closely to monitor the situation and will issue updates as necessary.

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