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Spectacular Dolphin Display Delights Maritime Officials in Satun

A routine patrol in the waters of the Andaman Sea turned into a spectacle when maritime officials stumbled upon a lively group of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Satun Province.

The tranquil waters of the Andaman Sea, off Satun province, Thailand, are once again proving to be a vibrant hub for marine life. During a routine patrol against human trafficking, maritime officials were greeted by an exhilarating sight – a group of more than ten bottlenose dolphins.

On the afternoon of 16th May, while navigating the waters near the National Parks of Tarutao and Mu Ko Phetra, maritime officials in Satun came across this playful school of dolphins. The pod was spotted frolicking and feeding, occasionally breaching the surface and providing an impromptu display of their streamlined bodies. The sighting certainly raised the spirits of the crew who were on a mission to prevent human trafficking and illegal activities in these waters.

Satun, a province in southern Thailand, is renowned for its serene coastlines and abundant marine resources. The bottlenose dolphins’ presence close to the shore suggests that they were seeking refuge from stormy weather further out in the Andaman Sea, venturing closer inland to feed in the area’s rich waters. After their stunning display, they swam away, disappearing back into the western horizon of the Indian Ocean.

Over the past three months, officials and tourists alike have reported sightings of not only dolphins but also blue whales and whale sharks in the vicinity of Tarutao National Park. Experts attribute these encounters to the Andaman Sea’s wealth of natural marine resources.

For local and foreign tourists venturing into the Andaman Sea, these sightings underscore the rich biodiversity of this maritime wonderland. However, they are reminded to maintain a respectful distance from these marine creatures to avoid disrupting their natural behaviour and potentially harming their health. Observing these guidelines will help ensure the continued prosperity of marine life in this corner of the Andaman Sea, making the province of Satun a fascinating and vital hub for maritime biodiversity.

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